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Altru Apparel Lookbook Spring 2 2016 cover image road through desert.


Simon Spilsbury Interview

March 08, 2016

Introducing Simon Spilsbury Style is more than simply what you like. Its tied to culture, space and time as well as personal preference and on some gut level, instinct. Someone recently caught our eye who fits the Altru style sensibility, the ridiculously funny, talented and prolific Illustrator Simon Spilsbury. His art style is very precise but also sometimes sketchy and it grabs you and shakes you about. It’s like a very talented juvenile delinquent made off with a very expensive fountain pen. He has the classic British touch - loose lines that don’t always connect, an airy light touch then slipping into a bold smear. True talent makes what is very difficult look easy, he’s got that in spades. The result...

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Spring 1 - Little Tokyo

February 19, 2016

Our Spring 1 "Little Tokyo" drop is now available online and through your favorite Altru retailers. The collection draws inspiration from the vibrant culture thriving within Downtown Los Angeles. Hues of indigo and navy are complimented by stark whites and rising sun reds. From hoodies to graphic tees to key cut and sew pieces, the first drop of our Spring Collection has you covered in this transitional season.

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