The New York Times, Polaroid, LIFE, Maxell & Mickey Rat Collection | Altru Apparel

A collection of officially licensed apparel that have had significant cultural impact on the American public for decades.

THE NEW YORK TIMES“The Gray Lady” has been publishing in New York City since Sept. 18, 1851. With 119 Pulitzer Prizes and a history of providing the American citizenry with the information needed to keep a country free and informed. Along with The NYT participation in protecting the rights of Americans to freely express themselves, they have created a logo that is widely considered to be one of the greatest and most influential logotypes in the history of graphic design. The logo was designed by master American typographer Ed Benquiat in the late 60’s, who also designed the logos for Playboy, Esquire and Sports Illustrated. The designs we have produced in our partnership have remained true to the classic design and importance of this historic entity.

POLAROID. Polaroid's introduction of instantly processed photos influenced the way the world would be documented. Instant photography was everywhere for the first time and a precursor to the immediacy of image capturing common today. The Polaroid Loge is continues the commitment to speed by being instantly recognized. The logo has been incorporated into a variety of designer styles. Vintage looks on some apparel and crisp modern looks on others.

LIFE magazine was photo journalism’s pinnacle of content for ages. From the mundane everyday life, to the incredible events that reshaped the world. Altru has partnered with LIFE to reintroduce some of the archived images and their iconic logo on a variety of apparel.

Mickey Rat! We've teamed up with American artist Robert Armstrong on an ongoing Mickey Rat Collection consisting of t-shirts, long-sleeves, raglan and a knit sweaters. Click HERE to read our interview with Mr. Armstrong.

MAXELL. Steve Steigman's "Blown Away Guy" made a splash in 1980's Maxell commercials and couch surfed his way into icon status. We worked with Steve to make his cult status image into a cult status t-shirt.

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