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Myspace Tom, millions of peoples 1st friend.

February 23, 2017

When the new information age was dawning on humanity,  Tom was there to greet you and be your friend.  Myspace founder Tom Anderson's profile photo has been seen a lot. No kidding, there is a strong argument that his photo has been viewed by more people than have seen the Mona Lisa Hanging in the Louvre. THE VERGE has done the analytical work and posted their results in "The enduring portrait of Myspace Tom, the Mona Lisa of profile pictures."  You can see more of the exclusive release at Urban Outfitters.

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Mason McFee Interview

October 19, 2016

Collaboration and questions with Mason McFee   Mason McFee is an artist and graphic designer behind Hello Maseman. There is no shortage of art styles and mediums that have captured his interests but the raw hand-sewn patchworks he has crafted lately became the focus of our collaboration. His early experiences are rooted in a DIY attitude in a small town in Texas mixed with growing up with educators gave him the freedom and opportunity to develop a unique tension between the constraints of a professional graphic designer and an artistic spirit that is anything but constrained. Altru had the opportunity interview him as part of our ongoing Artist Collaboration Projects. Below is our interview with Mason McFee and some of...

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