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October 21, 2015 1 min read

In case you haven't been on the Internet in a while, Back to the Future day is this Wednesday, Oct. 21, meaning that it's the day that Marty McFly travels to in the second movie of the trilogy.

Living in Los Angeles means that we are privy to all sorts of film and entertainment nerdery, and this celebration is no exception. That's right: those dedicated enough to make the trek out to the AMC Puente Hills 20 in Industry can watch all three movies in the exact location that many of the most important scenes were filmed.

The threater is part of Puente Hills Mall, which is Twin Pines Mall in the films. Remember when Doc tests his DeLorean time machine? What about when Doc is (decades-old spoiler alert) shot by terrorists? It was all filmed at the Puente Hills Mall.

The films start showing on Wednesday at 4:29pm, which is the exact time that Marty travels to in the franchise. Tickets are selling out, but there are still available for purchase online for just $5.99. And to prove that the theater really takes its claim to fame seriously, the DeLorean time machine, Doc Brown’s van and other memorabilia will be on display until Oct. 25. Guess it's time to make like a tree and get outta here.

Article via Time Out LA

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