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November 02, 2015 1 min read

Similar to when you got goosebumps watching Spencer Seabrooke break the world record for longest free solo slackline, you’ll likely also get sweaty palms watching these daredevils swing in hammocks during this five-day “Highline Meeting.” Earlier in September, a group of 26 individuals designed a series of rainbow hammocks as a memorial to the 18,000 soldiers who died in the alpine Monte Piana region during World War I. Rest assured, the setup was assembled securely by athletes and professional riggers. Although the group swings precariously over an expansive chasm, the participants are at ease, laughing and playing music on acoustic guitars. Despite Monte Piana being a site of tragic history, the result is a touching tribute to camaraderie and the past. Witness the complete experience above.

Article via Hypebeast

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