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December 03, 2015 2 min read

We were recently introduced to French Outdoor Photographer, Yohan Terraza, and couldn't help but reaching out for more information on the man behind the lens. Scroll down for more imagery from his Magnum Silentium series, some interesting quotes from Yohan & stay tuned for more of his work. 

I always have my good sleeping bag and my outdoor mattress in my tent. Gear is really important for your survival. I also bring a pantyhose and a good pair of socks with me especially in cold conditions. Once I'm back at my place, the most important thing would be my music and my pictures. I also really like the atmosphere of my office. I could stay there for hours.

Every expedition is different but most of the time I carry lyophilized food, outdoor clothes, a book, my tent, a GPS, some medics and of course my photographic gear. My bag is quite heavy as it can weigh up to 25kg that I have to carry on my back for hours.

I like the editing process. This is the moment where you open your Pandora's Box to see what you caught of yourself. Then, I work on the pictures I keep and put them together to see the coherence.

I'm definitely a landscape lover. Through day or night, wild places are so inspiring. Photography is not a passion but a excuse to live passionately. I have so many ideas and projects that I couldn't find the time to do everything. Life is definitely a matter of choices. I'm really myself there, confronting elements, fearing and worshiping these huge things.

My last photograph was a night picture and I thing the first one I took was a big wheel in Bordeaux with a beautiful blue sky more than 7 years ago.

See more from Yohan here or just stay tuned for our next feature.

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