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Party Pack (3 pack)


Altru's party animal pack features THREE mystery tees from our Altru vaults, limited editions, alternate designs, garments that never were, and other surprises. You could hit the jackpot! (styles shown may or may not appear in your package) 


100% Ultra Soft Cotton and Comfort Triblends

Slim Fit

 - No refunds or No exchange for party pack purchases.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
John O.
Definitely the unpicked tees

Was hoping for a tee I liked but no luck. Definitely a risk

Tamiya J.
Miss the Party Animal Pack

I had to buy two packs and of course I got two of the same shirts. Also one throwback, that was nice to see, but mostly newer stuff it was mehh. Bring back the party animal pack 🤘🏽

Franklin M.
Customer Service exceeded expectations...

After hitting a couple of snags with my order, Rich more than made up for it by exceeding what you typically receive for Customer Service. Their standard large is really more like an XL and the guy went back and forth with me to ensure my satisfaction. One can appreciate it more knowing how strapped some of these companies are for help.

I tried to edit the original review below so hopefully this will offset my original experience and give them the proper credit they deserve.

This is a mostly accurate review. We have been going through an unexpected and uncommonly busy time and as Franklin states 'companies are having a rough go at it right now'. I will reach out to Franklin and try to make this right by him and apologize about the poor service. (I said mostly accurate because of the subjective accusation of 'hideous tie died shirts'. I like our tie died shirts as well do many others) That said, we did not give anything near good customer service to Franklin, fully acknowledge this and hope to never let anyone else feel the need to write a review like this about Altru again.