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May 20, 2016 3 min read 1 Comment

Collaboration and questions with Luke Pelletier

Luke Pelletier with his art

Luke Pelletier, a recent L.A. transplant from Chicago, has been up to a lot of things apart from our recent collaboration. A solo show at New Image Art LA in August is taking up the majority of his time. He still keeps his other interests active, like pitching ideas for cartoons or practicing, preforming and recording music with a band. This work ethic surely helped get him through his early trouble with school. The down times between occasional expulsions had an on-the-job-training aspect. The time was filled with creating art for promotional fliers and performing music with a band. His encouraging parents, strong work ethic and an intrinsic creativity guided Luke into a career path that included going to SAIC and receiving an arts degree (BFA) in 2015.

Below is our interview with Luke Pelletier and some of his art on apparel produced by Altru Apparel,

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Luke Pelletier Parrots Shirt front and back

Luke Pelletier Good Waves mens shirt


A. So as a kid did you draw on your books and papers in school? If so, what kind of stuff?

L.P. I drew a lot, but it was all over the place. I’d copy cartoons. And skate graphics. I Really got into drawing when I started a band. I was doing all the flyer’s, shirts, and album covers.

A. Please describe how your interest in art and creativity was nourished or encouraged? Any group, friend, teacher or family?

L.P. I got in a lot of trouble as a kid. I was in and out of different schools pretty quickly. My parents always supported my art though. I think they always knew I wasn’t going to work a normal job. So even if I would get expelled from a school one week, they would let me practice and play shows with my band the next. They were very supportive.

A. It’s been about a year since you graduated from School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC). Besides the skills and knowledge you gained, what was the greatest influence from that cultural breeding ground?

L.P. It’s weird. That school was really hard on me. They’re a conceptual art school. Most of my art is based in aesthetics, but they pushed me to talk about my art the same way they did. So it definitely made me experiment more with how I make work. I’ve been really enjoying being out of school though. California has been amazing.

A. Is your work stream of conscience or ideas thought out and expressed?

L.P. Both for sure. I have to plan out a lot of the patterns and compositions because of the math, but I try to always leave room to try new things and goof around. My lyrics are mostly stream of conscience. And I write a lot of those on my paintings.

A. Do you know when a piece is finished or is it hard to stop working on it and adding touches?

L.P. I always know if it’s finished. I rarely ever touch a painting after I sign it.

A. Are you having fun? What are you doing for fun?

L.P. Yeah! I’ve been a little stressed lately. Mostly because my ambition and scale is getting bigger. And with that, so are my expenses, but I try not to worry to much about money. For fun, I paint, write, do band practice, play shows, record songs, go to the beach, watch TV, sketch, some old same old.

A. Are you a collector of anything?

L.P. A ton of stuff! But nothing specific. I collect art, shells, beach glass, dice, matchbooks, trinkets mostly. Just inspiration really!

A. Is there a project you would like to do but haven’t been able to yet?

L.P. Tons! But they’re all in the works! I’d love to open a bar, design a stage, do a cartoon, etc.

A. What project are you working on now?

L.P. Today, I’m working on a pitch for a cartoon I’ve been working on, but I’m mostly working on my solo show at New Image Art in LA. It’ll open in August!

A. Do you have any use for technology in your creative process?

L.P. I email and use Photoshop like everyday!

A. Are you a binge working artist with periods of down time, or do you have a strict work schedule?

L.P. I work everyday for the most part. I have to many things to do to have any downtime! haha I started taking Tuesdays off though!

Thanks Luke.

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